We do projects of functional kitchens including flooring, tiling, cabinets, counters and electrical appliances and we build residential kitchens.

We do listen to the needs of customers, prioritize them and customize kitchens.


We supply and install high quality bathrooms meeting the needs of customers. Be it a bathroom suite, shower, fitted furniture, accessories or tiling, we provide you a wide range of services around your bathroom. 


We do laying floor coverings in establishments such as buildings, homes, offices etc. 

We use various materials, including hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, luxury vinyl, tiles, wood etc. 

Painting and wallpapering

We prepare and paint interior and exterior surfaces. We consult with the customers about the type of surface and optimal paint options, advising them on color options and preparing the surface for painting. 

We do wallpapering as well in case your home needs a bit of refresh with new wallpapers. 


We perform minor and major repair of all buildings, inside or outside. We fix roofs, pavements, we can help renovate your home. We do replace, repair and install. We do our best, just give us a call.